A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A walking sim made for NYU Game Center MFA Game Design 1 class. 

It is about a trash collector who discovers something during the curfew. 

Game Design & Development: Hao Fan, Harry Chen

Instructor: Matt Boch / Robert Yang 

Special thanks to Alina Constantin


Trash Collector_Build 1_MAC.zip 140 MB
Trash Collector_Build 1_WIN.zip 138 MB


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Thank you, TripleP~

Interesting game

Thank you for playing our game. I really enjoy your analysis and explanation of our story at the end.

lol I have no idea if I was getting any of it right but part of what I enjoy about a game like this is using your imagination to figure out whats going on :)

good idea

Thank you for playing our game.

story this game brillant