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Congrats, now I am addicted. I want MORE baaambooo levels ;)

pretty cool sword!

Really simple and fun game 10/10

nice game, I like it

Best sword game i played in a while, its very simple and easy to understand + it manages to be very fun, all it needs is some bug-fixing (while playing my game froze and i had to restart) and its also missing some variety, different enemies (signature attacks even?) and i love the aesthetic.

do you know when the next update comes out?


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amazing game!! plzzzz make more 

tooooo gooood pls more

tooooo gooood pls more

I played this game 4 months ago and I'm still waiting for the new version

Topluluk Tarafından Doğrulandı simgesi


i love it



Hi. I really love your blood effect. Can I ask where I can buy that effect? I am planning to use it for my game. Thank you so much

Hey PhongLEH, thank you for loving iit. 
I made it by myself and not plan to sell it : P


|My Opinion:| Love it. Pretty unique and fun.

 |Random ideas:| Multiplayer might be an interesting idea. Some kinda block and maybe a different slash could be cool 

|Bugs:| If you dash along the wall and slash a bunch you can get stuck. Its not super easy to do so not really a major issue I guess, but you might want to look at that at some point.

Kinda reminds me of First Cut, which is another game on itch

Thank you for the love and the feedback! Still tweak the game in many ways, hope I could share a new version of it soon! 

such a great game. I love the art and the mechanics. Can't wait for the full version.

so aprreiciated <333

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made an account just to tell you this game is really good. definitely would get a full version.

thank you!!!

This would make a fantastic full game I'd happily pay for! Hope you're still working on it, great job!

Thank you! Still working on it, hope I could share a new demo for playtest soon! 

Wonderful little demo, I really liked the hat being used as the health system, and felt great on controller.

thanks! Still trying to improve the controls 

absolutely loved it!! so beautiful, can't wait for the next update! heads up i did get stuck in the wall and need to restart

Thank you and will fix the collider issue in the next demo!

This game is really fun but there is only one level. I understand it is still in development it is just that I am really excited for the other levels because its really cool and I really like the mechanics

thank you, MysticShinobi. I am still tweaking the mechanical fundamentals and once it's done. I will start to create more content!

Cool I like it!

hello mystic!


Hi! i found this through your profile because I was looking for more samurai games

Nice heh!

is there a 32x bits ver of it ?


Will provide a 32x version for next update! 


Really love the vibe of this game!

-Controls could be switched around, you might want to incorporate the mouse into the gameplay so it feels more natural

-Player feels overly heavy to move around, if this is intentional it should be reduced a bit 

-Dash allows players to skip the entire section, some kind of cooldown would be a good idea (?)

-An indicator of health would also be good, it doesn't have to be a health bar

-There are some places in the level where the player can get easily stuck, make sure to thoroughly playtest to avoid that.

-The dash/charged attack feels a bit inconsistent, I think separating their controls would be a good idea.

I loved the combat and how immersive it felt, the bamboo slicing is also a great touch. Its a good challenge!!!


Thank you, Barwani. I am still working and revising some fundametal mechanics and once it's done. I will put up a demo for playtest. Stay tuned and thx!

I'll definitely look out for it! Good luck!

Man if you could add countering with a super satisfying clang, it would be that much more amazing, awesome demo though

Thank you Grulch. I was pivoting on that part all the time - let's see how it will evolve, lol. 

very short buy stylish. I did not see more than the grass level but that was nice :)


thank you! i will add more levels in the future.

this is a really stylish showcase, can't wait to see more it feels great to play :)

thank you!

This reminds me of an old flash game called “Straw Hat Samurai”. Very nice!

Thank you. just checked it out and it looked quite interesting!

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I dont know if you already knew this but you will always get stuck when you walk down from spawn and walk a bit to the right and obviously the game is great. Also I thought when you lower your body you dodge.

Thank you for your playing and feedback. Yes, there are some issues with colliders now.  Nice catch on the little dodge mechanism there!

that name took me off guard but i love this game, would love to see an endless mode

lol, that's a cool suggestion.

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I love this game

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thank you for your love! ❤

fun little game with some already interesting mechanics, good work!

thank you!

very good concept i`ll wait paciently for the full release

thank you, hope it won't take too long!

good game keep up the work

thank you for playing!

This game was very fun and the combat is very good cant wait for the full release

thank you, i will work hard for the full release!

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a really good game. when you finish making it im definitely playing it


thank you!

very cool concept, fun and challenging combat, beautiful art. can't wait for when more is finished.

thank you!

I think it is a good game.It is very COOL!I like it

thank you!

Really cool concept and visuals!

Very good, it was hard at first but I got the hang of it eventually.

thank you! May I know what was very difficult for you and how you got over it?

Just the movement, it's hard to turn around when you miss the hit.

nice gameplay, simple and clean,  hard to master it ;)

thank you!

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