A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Sword is a Wuxia action game in which the player plays as a swordsman, to fight through beautiful but lethal scenes.

this project is still in development.

*the current build only has one tiny bamboo level*


Move: Left Joystick

Slash: Right Bumper(xbox), R1(ps4)

Lower Body: A (xbox), Cross(ps4)

Restart: Menu(xbox), Option(ps4)


Move: WASD

Slash: J

Lower Body: K

Restart: R / Option

Quit: ESC


Lower Your Body to do a more powerful move! While standing, hold the LowerBody Button to charge a dash attack! While running, hold the LowerBody button to do a dash. If you press Slash in the dash state, you will do a dash attack!


Sword_0513_Mac.zip 91 MB
Sword_0513_Win.zip 91 MB


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Man if you could add countering with a super satisfying clang, it would be that much more amazing, awesome demo though

very short buy stylish. I did not see more than the grass level but that was nice :)


thank you! i will add more levels in the future.

this is a really stylish showcase, can't wait to see more it feels great to play :)

thank you!

This reminds me of an old flash game called “Straw Hat Samurai”. Very nice!

Thank you. just checked it out and it looked quite interesting!

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I dont know if you already knew this but you will always get stuck when you walk down from spawn and walk a bit to the right and obviously the game is great. Also I thought when you lower your body you dodge.

Thank you for your playing and feedback. Yes, there are some issues with colliders now.  Nice catch on the little dodge mechanism there!

that name took me off guard but i love this game, would love to see an endless mode

lol, that's a cool suggestion.

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I love this game

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thank you for your love! ❤

fun little game with some already interesting mechanics, good work!

thank you!

very good concept i`ll wait paciently for the full release

thank you, hope it won't take too long!

good game keep up the work

thank you for playing!

This game was very fun and the combat is very good cant wait for the full release

thank you, i will work hard for the full release!

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a really good game. when you finish making it im definitely playing it


thank you!

very cool concept, fun and challenging combat, beautiful art. can't wait for when more is finished.

thank you!

I think it is a good game.It is very COOL!I like it

thank you!

Really cool concept and visuals!

Very good, it was hard at first but I got the hang of it eventually.

thank you! May I know what was very difficult for you and how you got over it?

Just the movement, it's hard to turn around when you miss the hit.

nice gameplay, simple and clean,  hard to master it ;)

thank you!

This is a beautiful gam  and is fun to play, one thing I noticed is that pressing SPACE freezes the gam


This game is beautiful  and I love the art style and the way it plays, are you making a full version?


Thank you! yea, I am planning to... Maybe you could follow my Twitter @fanhao_create, I will update the progress of the project there. ❤

so good :) 



soon i will stream this to spread the word i see great things from this i will be watching its progress. keep it up!

thank you!

Yeah this looks really rad and feels great to play! 

Excited to see more :)

thank you!

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I made an animated video for this, hoping to shine some light on this game. This looks really promising and I hope to see more of it! I hope It'll help send some attention your way:


thank you so much for making this!!! ❤

Very good game, it reminds me of another game where you can pick any objets you want for each scenes, I can't remember the game, maybye it was one of you're inspirations..

thank you! I guess it was Bloodroots you referred to?

i allways wanted a game like this and i found it


i loved this so much

❤ thank you!

Yes. Just. Download it

thank you! ❤

this is so cool, im excited to see where this will go!!  love the artstyle so much and the action feels smooth. id really like to see more movesets and harder  bosses, thanks! :) <3

thank you! <3 ❤

i love the control scheme and the gameplay, i loved it in general

thank you for the love!

Sure is a tiny demo right now, but great foundation. Would love to play an expanded version!

thank you!

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The visuals are incredible and it has pretty good game feel so far!
I esp like slicing the bamboos and attempting to parry.
I'd love to see more levels and mechanics in this world :D 

thank you!!!

The style is so great and I'm really excited to see the rest of your environments. I wish the character turned a bit faster (this feels especially weird on keyboard) and I wish I had a slightly more prominent indicator of direction when charging a dash. I also wonder if run/dash should be different buttons... not sure. The dash feels so risky since it's really hard to gauge both direction and distance, but it's also the best *feeling* thing about the player. Your juice is so strong and would be really well complimented by a punchier feel on the player, more of that nice snappy movement like you have on the dash. Can't wait to see where you take the game!

hey, Diego, thank you for playing and for all the great feedback!

Happy to, and happy to play any WIP builds! Really digging it so far.

super cool


thank you!

Super juicy, I loved it! The only problem I found was that I was able to dash out of bounds, and then I couldn't get back in the level

thanks for your playing and feedback! There might be issues with some bounds of the current level, gonna fix it in the future.