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Lovely story and a great way to tell it. Really good stuff.

Thank you for liking our game

Very cute game. Thank you

thank you for playing!

It's an awesome game! I made a gameplay - and better, without pesky comments:


thank you for playing and streaming our game. : P

This was wonderful! I hope they can see each other again in the end :')

Thank you for making this!!


thank you for playing our game! ❤


wow this was wonderful :')

thank you!

We really enjoyed playing & discussing Some Old Stuff on Indie Game Club (it’s like a book club for indie games)! 

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thank you for playing our game and the discussion is also very interesting and insightful!

this was lovely!!! thanks for making this :')

Thank you!

A little late to the party, but that was incredibly good! The ending sequence and overall sound design was really effective. I saw this project from an early stage, and am really impressed with how it has grown.

Thank you again, Krishan. You mentioned in the early stage of our development, about how we consider the audio design and audio transitions in the game. I always keep that in mind and am very appriciated to that!

Thanks a lot for sticking with it and releasing it <3

I don't remember playing a game that's so short and yet has so much personality 🌿

Thank you Jakob~ your feedback is really encouraging to us! Glad you like it!


Hey, just wanted to say I really loved this. The subjective view of the player-character is so strongly felt throughout, in the finite levels, the varying modes of control, the edits. It's wonderful to play something with such variety of storytelling tools and density of detail, that's also somehow light as a feather. Congratulations to you three! 

Hi Clodwick, thank your for your beautiful words! I am so glad you enjoy it.


Thank you, Robert! And thanks for all the instruction and help to our game! 

thank you Robert!

Wow. Just wow. This game is exactly up my ally. I'm so glad to see it in it's final form from Game Studio 2. You guys did an amazing job. The sound design, art direction, story beats, ending...this is so damn good guys. I almost cried at the end ;_;

Christine, you are so sweet! Thank you so much for your words. It means a lot for us.

so, so good. this really brought me to tears nearing the end. i'm grateful to have experienced playing this. ♡


Thank you for playing our game! I am glad that it evokes your emotion and leaves a unique memory to you!