Boba, a jam work  for LUDUM DARE 43  - "Sacrifices Must be Made." You play as the one of the last bobas in an empty bubble tea cup. Hope you  survive as the last one and enjoy that. Thanks!

WASD or Arrow Keys to Control.

Game Design : Hao Fan & Xiaoqiong Zhang

Art & Programming : Hao Fan

*According to a kind player's feedback, if the game runs in safari, it may not include the audio, please use Chrome to run the game. Sorry for the trouble. Thanks!


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this sucks  descustang

ooo at first I didn't notice that there were many levels! Nice.

I'm stuck at the heart one though, once I've unstuck all the bobas  from the top they just sit on the bottom and whenever I succeed in lifting one a little, the red one gets stuck in the vacuum.

Thanks for your feedback.

Actually, that heart level is not the most frustrated one.... Some more evil ones in later levels...